Five questions we always hoped you would ask!

1. What is MMR?

My Motorsports Resources (MMR) is an exciting resource base devoted to classic, vintage and contemporary European performance cars. Learn more at

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2. Why am I receiving this?

Your business has been qualified by our personal experience, a friend’s recommendation, or its reputation. Because of that you are in our online MMR Goods and Services Directory!

We want you in our printed MMR 2016 Motorsports Almanac too!

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3. What is the MMR 2016 Motorsports Almanac?

Almanac:  noun.  A handbook, typically published annually and containing information on a sport or pastime. This handy glove compartment size (6’ X 10½”) 150 page book contains all the vital motorsports information needed to appreciate 2016. Planning a trip? Looking for driving gloves or a windshield? Want to tour German factories? Rally in New England? The Motorsports Almanac answers questions and is interesting and fun.

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4. Who will receive the 30,000 copies of my company’s listing(s)?

In January, 26,000 copies of The Almanac will be distributed with issues of Sports Car Market and Vintage Motorsport. 4,000 copies will be distributed to MMR Almanac subscribers, and entrants, judges and volunteers at motorsports gatherings across America throughout the remainder of the year. The following give the MMR Directory to entrants at their events: Arizona Concour d’Elegance, Thompson Speedway – Vintages Races, Santa Fe Concorso, Misselwood Concours d’Elegance, The Boston Cup, Sports Car Market – Gooding & Co Monterey Investor Seminar, Geneva Concours d’Elegance and Automobilia Monterey. 


5. What is the cost to participate in all the MMR Directories?

A single listings in The MMR 2016 Motorsports Almanac , the MMR Online Goods & Services Directory and our Facebook PDF Directory is $100.  Upgrade to a Gold Listing for an additional $100.  All additional category listings are $50.

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We only have room for 1,500 listings in this book. Call us now to discuss your listing, possible upgrades or full page ads. What’s to lose?

Major credit cards are accepted.

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“Peter publishes a very literate and literary print catalogue which will put you in mind of the J. Peterman catalogues (but not those edited by Elaine Benes).”

“RACEMAKER PRESS indicate they produce racing books for adults and children.  It is very difficult to find something of interest to 8-12 year olds, girls especially . I think your layout out is wonderful as well as the way the content of material about each supplier is laid out…rather short and sweet and enhanced by the graphics.”

“The services directory is really special. This is much nicer than a directory, because of the personal recommendations for each company and their products. Those personal recommendations can totally change one’s perception, and they were enough to convince me to try a few featured companies”.

 Contact us now to reserve your space in our Almanac, Facebook and on our website for 2016!!!!